The mystery of the marsh that have most alligator in Vietnam’s Southeast

Bau Sau is said to be the primitive marsh with the number of alligator that can be compared to mosquitoes’. Bau Sau is located in the South of Cat Tien national park (Tan Phu district, Dong Nai province).

This is the homeland of fresh water crocodile (Siam crocodile) – a kind of Vietnamese crocodile which is thought to be distinct before. In order to come to Bau Sau, you have to start from the headquarter of Cat Tien national park, passing 9 km of lane road and 5km walking in the wood.

The mystery of the marsh that have most alligator in Vietnam s SoutheastBau Sau is in the middle of Cat Tien national park, under the management of Bau Sau forest management center. This is the biggest wetland of Cat Tien national park.

The area is not just the home of crocodile but also the land for many fauna and flora that are listed in the red book of Vietnam and the world’s. It is under tight management.

The difference of Bau Sau from other is the busy density of crocodile in the marsh. The crocodile is everywhere, which is the thread for many kinds of animals in Bau Sau. Obviously, Bau Sau is the dominion of crocodile.

However, the scene of the leisurely swimming crocodile have attracted many people to come here. At night, if you use the flashlight ahead the lake, you will see the eyes of them flashing red as coal.

Due to the wild instinct, the crocodile in the lake have killed many animals and people too. Therefore, people paid-back by the immoderately hunting. Since then, the natural fresh water crocodile became extinction.

However, it is recognized that the Bau Sau is suitable for the natural developing of crocodile. The project of Cat Tien national park preserve is set to rehabilitate the fresh water crocodile developing.

More than 10 years of implementing, the crocodile in Bau Sau have restored the wild instincts with self-hunting and hatching.

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